The History of Locumsgroup

Take a trip back in time with us to the origin of our business – where it all began…  

The historic image below, taken in 1951, sets the scene. It was around the time when Locumsgroup was founded and has since traded as a successful financial advice and tax and accounting business for more than 70 years.

Sydneysiders crossing a busy Darlinghurst Road, outside Minton House at Kings Cross. 


There are not many Australian-founded and owned financial advisory firms and registered tax agents who can track lineage and advise that their business has flourished for 70 years! 

We are proud of the company and the brand that Locumsgroup has become today. We are expert financial advisers and accountants, and we are perhaps best known for our ability to listen to our clients, and empower them to make the best choices to achieve their financial goals. 

Established in 1952,  Locumsgroup began as a financial service provider for doctors and dentists in Sydney, many of whom received a university education following their return from service in World War II. The Locumsgroup practice evolved in Sydney, growing its client base over the next decade until 1966, when a London office opened to cater to the business needs of Australian doctors and dentists working and living in the UK. 

Fast forward three decades to 1991, when Locumsgroup extended the practice to offer a full range of financial services. Then, in 1995 the team launched the medical  business magazine publication “Money in Practice”, which had a controlled circulation of 36,000 and provided insightful business updates to medical and dental practitioners. This successful publication was then sold in 1998 and continued to be published until the advent of the internet caused the new owners to change the masthead name and publish online. 

In keeping with the increasing regulations for Australian Financial services, Locumsgroup was granted their Financial Services License in 2004, became Registered Tax Agents in 2006, and, were granted an Australian Credit licence in 2011. Today, Locumsgroup are also certified Xero advisors and have been recognised as nominees for multiple financial services awards. 


Who we are today
In 2023, Locumsgroup operates in the Sydney CBD via three distinct business units: tax and accounting, financial advice and mortgage advice. We have a strong and capable team of specialists, who are committed to providing expert individualised advice. Leading the team is current Managing Director, Paul Ahearne, who has over three decades of experience in the financial services industry.

Our services
Locumsgroup provides a range of expert services to manage your assets, income and investments:

  • Tax & Accounting
    • Tax Advice & Tax Planning
    • Annual Taxation Compliance
    • Tax Returns
    • Business Structuring
    • Financial Reporting 
    • Capital Gains Tax advice
    • State Tax advice
    • GST Management
    • Asset Protection Strategies
    • GSA Proprietor Loans
    • GST Advice on Sale of Business
  • Financial Advice
    • Investor Risk Profile
    • Tax Efficiency
    • Asset Protection
    • Risk Management
    • Estate Planning
    • Mortgage Advice
    • Business Advisory
    • Superannuation Advice.
  • Mortgage & Lending
    • Mortgage Advice
    • Business Finance Advisory
    • Superannuation Borrowing Advice


If you have questions or would like to learn more about the services Locumsgroup provide, please contact us today, here. Your first consultation is at no cost to you. 


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