How A Strategic Organisational Structure Saw A Single Retail Outlet Transform into National Franchise


Team Locumsgroup had the task of providing financial advice and a strategic ownership structure to help a client expand their single retail outlet into a thriving national franchise. 

Through this case study, Locumsgroup details how this partnership began, what the client’s objectives were, and developed an aligned strategic approach, with prescribed outcomes and key learnings.  


The client was referred to us at the establishment of their first retail outlet by their lawyer. Key to the initial design was implementing an organisational structure that could expand in keeping with the big ambitions and key objectives of the business owners. 

Through the use of a robust and appropriate structure that was tax efficient, including fixed trusts and trading companies, we designed a that provided asset protection and the flexibility to grow and expand the business. 

That initial structure has already stood the test of time and has proved to be resilient, sustainable, and effective. 


The client’s objective was to expand their single retail outlet. Through a strategic financial and business plan, Team Locumsgroup helped them expand their business over a series of locations, across various states and countries. 

Currently the customer has increased from one outlet to 54 outlets and plans to take that number to 100 in the coming 24 months. The initial organisational structure has enabled that level of growth and expansion to occur.


Flexibility was a key part of the instruction from our client and we prepared at its core this foundation – an adaptable organisational structure that enables our client to grow at a significant rate. 


The greatest learning from this exercise was to build silos that would ensure that there was no contagean across the group and that the discrete entities enabled the safe, secure expansion of the individual business to occur without risk to the whole entity. 

We are proud to see this wonderful client achieve expansion through a scalable strategy that has been tested and proven to have the longevity and rigour needed. We look forward to seeing the additional outlets form and evolve and are thankful for our client’s trust in our team. 

Disclaimer: General advice only