When disaster strikes – will your insurance cover you?

No one plans for a debilitating sickness or injury and the potential loss of future income. While health sits at the top of our list of priorities the ability to alleviate the outcome through insurance should not be overlooked.

Have You Heard About Our Insurance Health Check Service?

A good accountant is a key member of your team and does more than just prepare your income tax return. They prepare, forecast, advise and provide a range of services to help you feel confident about your financial future. At Locumsgroup, one of the services we offer outside of tax return preparation, is an Insurance […]

Eight Tips For A Great Start For The New Financial Year

Happy New Financial Year! To make the next year a seamless transition, Locumsgroup is sharing eight key tips and recommendations that you can implement now to help you get ahead of your financial plans, your resolutions and your commitments this year. These eight key tips include simple and comprehensive steps to help you take charge […]

Increasing Your Superannuation Contributions

Another great tax tactic to have up your sleeve to help reduce your personal income tax, and ultimately build more wealth for your retirement is increasing your superannuation contributions. The summary below sets out the  broad categories of superannuation contributions that may enable you to reduce your overall taxation liabilities: • Concessional Contributions (Pre Tax). […]

A Simple Guide For A Smooth EOFY With Your Accountant

Preparing for EOFY is a responsibility all adults have to manage and while some people opt to submit it themselves, many others hand their files over to an accountant to let them crunch the numbers instead. If you fall into the latter category, whether it’s to help you save time, because you have a lot […]

Five Tips To Prepare Business Tax Returns

It’s easy to get overwhelmed at tax time, especially if you’re a startup or small business owner doing a lot of the bookkeeping yourself. While it might seem daunting, there are many benefits to tax time – the most valuable being the ability to understand about the profitability of your business and have the insight […]

Improve Your Financial Security Through Diversification

In January 2023, 8-time gold medalist and the world record-holder, Usian Bolt, lost $12.7 million overnight when the Jamaican investment bank, Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) collapsed. Without getting into the details of this specific case, Bolt’s situation reveals the risk associated with having ‘all your eggs in one basket’ and a classic example of […]