Transferring Wealth.

Transferring Wealth

Can I help support my non-dependant child who needs financial support?

Do you have an adult child who is struggling financially? How do you ensure you are planning your finances for your family as a whole?

You may want to find out:

Helping children in the right circumstances can be rewarding for all involved. Talking through gifting with an experienced adviser today can help avoid problems tomorrow. Often, family decisions are loaded with emotion, which is why talking things through with a professional outside the family can be beneficial.

Managing a financially independent child

If you are the sole carer and financial provider for a child, you are likely concerned if you will have enough funds to support them in retirement and the years beyond.

Some concerns you can address with Locumsgroup are:

We can help you formulate a long term solution:

How do we ensure our wealth is not wasted when we are no longer around?

We have experienced many family dynamics and can help you ensure your estate is managed effectively across all parties. The key to ensuring your children remain on good terms and get the most from their inheritance is to have exceptional Estate Planning arrangements.

If this resonates with your current situation, please arrange a time to meet with Locumsgroup and we can:

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