Financial Advice.


We help you to identify and evaluate your goals. We will then work alongside you to ensure that your key objectives are achieved.

Investor Risk Profile.

We will develop your portfolio based on your investor risk profile and match your risk-appetite to the risk exposure of Locumsgroup’s model portfolios.

Tax Efficiency.

We will ensure that your financial management arrangements are established within a framework designed to achieve maximum tax-efficiency.

Financial Advice

Advice based on Nobel Prize winning investment expertise embedded in academia and sound economic-science will enable you to avoid the mistakes that can occur with investment decisions.

Asset Protection.

If you are a business owner then any loans from you to private companies should be protected to the benefit of the owner, and any exposure that you may have as a company director in the form of personal guarantees should also be considered.

Risk Management.

The protection of your financial well-being, and the protection of your dependents, can be achieved with a considered risk management strategy.

Wills and Estate Planning.

Three key areas for you to consider in the management of your estate are: 
  1. Make your arrangements easy to administer
  2. Develop a plan that will lower the taxes payable on your estate
  3. And work out how to leave your estate so that it can be put to the best use by your beneficiaries

Mortgage Advice.

Your debt-structure is one of the defining issues in the management of your affairs. The separation of loans into individual, clearly identified sub-loans makes the management of your borrowings tax-efficient and easier to manage.

Business Advisory.

Your business ownership structure and the flow of revenue from operations should be reviewed to ensure that you are operating at maximum efficiency.

Superannuation Advice

Your superannuation savings will ultimately represent one of your largest assets along with your main residence and other investments in your portfolio. In broad terms your superannuation options will involve either a Public Offer fund or self-managed superannuation.

A self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) is a form of superannuation fund that can offer members greater control over their retirement savings. A key advantage of an SMSF is the ability to introduce borrowings into your retirement savings.