Have you got the right ownership structure for your business or practice?

Whether you are a start-up or an established business you have to consider if your business is structured correctly.


Critical analysis of your organisational or asset-ownership structure, and your business arrangements will result in you achieving the best outcomes from your enterprise.


Asset Protection arrangements that recognise the potential risks associated with a private business should be identified and where possible defended against.

Loan accounts to and from privately owned companies should be correctly documented and protected.


Locumsgroup has experience across a number of disciplines and across a number of industries and professions; this  enables us to provide you with valuable tactical and strategic advice.


The Locumsgroup corporate advisory service can assist you with:


  • Performance improvement
  • Strategic consulting
  • Cash-flow solutions
  • Enterprise enhancement
  • Corporate restructuring services
  • Goodwill valuations
  • Tax advice


Whether your enterprise is an established business with an organisational structure that needs review; or your business is a start-up you should get advice to ensure that you are getting the best outcome from your efforts. Advanced planning is paramount.  We believe the strategy without execution is a daydream; but execution without strategy is a nightmare.

Managing exit strategies and Capital Gains Tax planning.

Locumsgroup brings senior-level experience to bear at all stages of an engagement.  Our process allows us the time and resources to accomplish agreed initiatives while we partner with you in achieving your business goals. Our business is the result of repeat client engagements in the areas of organisational structures, and operational advice including debt financing and advice on your exit strategy.


Valuations of business goodwill.

Determination of the value of an enterprise can assist in Capital Gains Tax planning;  dispute resolution;  in establishing enterprise value for asset transfers or asset sales; or equity raising within an enterprise.


Asset Protection.

Eliminating personal risk.In simple terms, an effective wealth preservation strategy separates assets from risk. Both personal and business assets are vulnerable to litigation and pursuit by creditors and by external risks.  Appropriate consideration must be given to the various options available to you. A tax-efficient structure may provide no protection for assets; or a structure where all wealth is preserved may be too rigid to operate a business and manage your affairs.


Efficient distribution of enterprise profits.

Our firm advises our clients in the appropriate use of partnerships, limited liability companies, trusts and other pass-through entities to assist in a wide range of tax planning matters. This enables our clients to obtain the full benefit of tax losses or tax incentives, and to minimize the impact of various asset acquisitions or disposals. We use effective structures to minimize adverse tax consequences and we design and implement transactions that make the most of that flexibility.


Securing loans from business owners to their private enterprises through General Security Arrangements. 

If an investment in a private company is made by an owner of the company by a secured loan instead of straight equity, the owner making the secured loan will have priority over unsecured creditors if the loan is structured and registered correctly. Even if  the business assets already stand as security for existing indebtedness, perhaps as general security to a bank or other financial institution, an owner who is a secured creditor can be next in line after the bank has been satisfied should the business fail.  Locumsgroup can advise you how to protect your loan to your company or business by the use of a General Security Arrangement.

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