Aged Care Financial Tips & Advice.

Aged Care Financial Tips & Advice

How do I fund aged care for my parents and possibly myself?

My parents are looking likely to go into aged care and with our family medical history, there is a chance I may also need to go into aged care. How can I ensure I can support them and myself in future years?

A meeting with our advisers has identified:

Following our meeting to identify exactly what is important now and in the future for our client, the following is now clear:

Overall, our team helped provide confidence that future planning and understanding of the financial needs and support options available can ensure peace of mind for retirement and any aged care needs for all within the family.

I need to organise aged care funding for one of my parents…

I have a parent who requires aged care, how do I go about funding this and what support is available to my family? A Locumsgroup meeting will help provide clarity around questions including:

After a detailed discussion, we have been able to reassure our client and provide clarity around the following:

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