Advice on Relocating to Australia.

Advice on Relocating to Australia

We are due to move back to Australia after years spent living overseas, can you provide advice on our best financial plan?

After living in the US for several years, our clients are returning to their birth country Australia to be closer to family and friends. They are looking for advice on assets built overseas (property and shares) and their 401k pension plans.

A meeting with one of our advisers will help them understand the financial repercussions and planning for their financial future in Australia:

After our meeting, the couple have clear understanding around the following:

I have an overseas pension, should I transfer this?

After living and working in England for several decades, our new client has come to Locumsgroup for advice around her defined benefit pension scheme and the potential for transferring this. Some questions she has include:

This is a complex area of financial advice, however the Locumsgroup team can provide expert advice to help provide clarity around the following areas:

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