New Financial Year | New Beginnings

With the 2022/2023 financial year in full swing, it’s time for new beginnings and New Year’s resolutions.

From having clear goals and budgets, to dedicated time spent aside each month to review your financial targets, it’s imperative to start your financial year journey early.

At Locumsgroup, we work by a philosophy of four key questions each Financial Year that you can ask yourself to help guide your goals:

  1. Did you keep your health?
  2. Did you laugh a lot?
  3. Did you have a good holiday?
  4. Did you increase your balance sheet?

We want you to work on the first three, while we work on the last.

Key Service Offerings:

  • Tax Advice & Tax Planning

Having your financial affairs in order is essential to effectively manage your financial arrangements. At Locumsgroup, our accountants work closely with you to ensure your arrangements are managed tax-efficiently. We believe in the wisdom of the maxim, that “if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it”.

  • Annual Taxation Compliance

Our accounting team provides leading-edge taxation advice to serve as a platform on build your asset pool and manage your affairs with expert advice

  • Preparation and lodgement of Income Tax Returns, Fringe Benefits Tax Returns

Accurate and timely tax returns will ensure that you are up to date with your compliance arrangements. This will identify any liabilities that exists or any benefits on the form or refund that you are entitled to.

  • Business Structuring

Confirmation of a correctly planned organisational structure where assets are held in the appropriate entities to achieve both tax-efficiency and asset protection.

  • Financial Reporting

Financial analysis and reporting will assist you in answering a host of vital questions on all aspects of your financial activities providing a comprehensive snap-shot of your financial activities. This applies to both your personal finances and for any business or investment entities that you control.

  • Capital Gains Tax

It is extremely important to obtain advice on tax implications before you dispose of shares or units in a company, an interest in a trust, or dispose of property.

  • State Tax advice including Land Tax

Indirect taxes are a significant cost, correct management of this liability can result in significant savings

  • GST management including BAS preparation

Our accounting team will streamline the preparation of your BAS invoices to ensure that you meet all of your reporting and administrative obligations. We use the right accounting software to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

  • Asset Protection Strategies

This is an important part of your tax planning and financial management process. Our senior accounting team can advise on this key aspect of your arrangements and can implement various strategies to ensure protection.

  • General Security Arrangements (‘GSA’) for Proprietor’s Loans

Historically called fixed and floating charges a GSA should be used by you to secure any loans that you make to a company that you are either an owner or shareholder of.

  • CGT Advise on Sale of Business Assets

There are four key CGT concessions that apply under the Small Business Concession Rules. Compliance with the concessions allows you to disregard or defer the capital gain from the sale of an asset used in a small business, including the sale of the business itself. Our accountants will guide you through the process ensuring that the sale or disposal of the complying assets is complied with and that maximum taxation benefits are achieved.

What are your new financial year resolutions? Contact us today at 02 9255 8888

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