Understanding Tax Cuts: What It Means for You

Two Perspectives On Tax – Daylight Robbery Vs. Club Fees ‘Daylight robbery’ or ‘clubhouse fees’ provide two opposing perspectives on government mandated tax. While both sides provide a compelling argument, from a financial advisory perspective, let’s consider this. There is a price to pay for living in a safe democracy. A simple glance to a […]

Climbing To The Peak

There’s something almost mesmerising about the ongoing rally in global equity markets. Rather than a spectacular race to the peak, this quarter has seen a more slow and steady climb. By the end of March both the S&P/ASX 200 Index in Australia and the S&P 500 Index in the US are reaching new record highs […]

Property – A Historically Sound Investment

Over recent years, Australia’s residential property market has experienced increased volatility and disruption. Speculation around the markets’ strength and future trajectory has been at the forefront of property-related communications, influencing people’s confidence and ability to buy or invest.  Fundamental to understanding whether property is a suitable asset to help grow your financial portfolio is ensuring […]

Why Most Financial Plans Fail And How To Create One That Stands The Test Of Time

Financial goals vary. They might include saving for a deposit, taking an extended holiday, investing in a second property, or establishing a share portfolio  – while we all have financial goals that we want to achieve, the difference between thinking about what they are and seeing them to fruition comes down to whether or not […]

We Look Back, So You Can Move Forward

At Locumsgroup, we recognise that understanding the defining financial events of the past is essential to achieving a secure financial future. As experts in financial advice and accounting, our speciality is identifying the key facts to advise and direct you toward realistic financial goals for the future.  Whatever your goal may be, whether you want […]