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What should I do with my newfound money?

A sum of money that can last one person a lifetime might last another just a few years, months, or even weeks. If you made significant savings last year during COVID-19, or have been lucky enough to receive a pay increase, here are some tips that will help ensure your newfound money is put to […]

8 Ways To Pay Off And Consolidate Your Credit Card Debt Faster

Australian consumers are getting better at managing credit card balances – New figures from the Reserve Bank of Australia reveal the nation’s credit card bill in January 2021 dropped by $7.38bn on the same month a year ago – however many borrowers still struggle with paying off the money they owe on ‘the plastic’.   […]

New Year. Time to review your finances!

We all know that the New Year is the perfect time to review your finances and set new goals for the year ahead. In case you missed your planning session on the first day of January – here is another chance! This is a great time to get clear on what is going on with […]


Don’t invest until you understand the numbers. Make sure the holding costs (rental income less outgoings) are manageable. Invest in locations with high population, employment, and mid to long term capital growth. Diversify across lenders to increase your borrowing capacity. Your goal is to own a large asset base. Buy and hold for seven to […]


Over the long term, property is recognised as a stable and reliable asset for wealth creation.  Property is a store-of-wealth asset. Whether you are looking to buy your first investment property or add to your current portfolio, property is a popular way to invest money by many Australian investors.  One of the keys to property’s […]

Your Home is not an ATM

The holiday season is almost upon us and after spending a good portion of the year couped up at home experiencing cabin fever, it’s now time to plan that well-deserved getaway. However, during a time of economic uncertainty, finding money to pay for that holiday can be challenging, and withdrawing money from the loan on […]

Top tips for preparing a successful budget

It’s been a whirlwind of a year with many Australians impacted financially by COVID-19 which means this is going to be a Christmas like no other. While it is easy to understand why Christmas preparation and celebrations may not be top of mind for some, for others it’s the one good thing to look forward […]

Finding The Right Balance

What does exercise and diet have in common with managing debt and investment Both require finding the right balance to get the best results. Thinking of your body as a bank where you just deposit and withdraw calories neglects the fact that your overall health requires a much more holistic approach. Balancing both a nutritious […]