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What We Do

Imagine a world where you were completely informed and on top of your finances.

A world where you could account for your income; you were on top of your tax arrangements; and you were building a base of solid assets for your future.

It can be yours.
We work closely with you to develop a strategy for the effective management of your tax-planning and financial arrangements. A strategy that is totally focused and built toward your defined outcomes.

From that point everything that we do is laser-focused on the achievement of agreed, pre-planned outcomes.
Our detailed client management system asks: “What kind of investor are you?” The question explores the manner in which you would like your financial affairs managed and identifies what you want your financial world to look like.

Our aim is to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients within a structured portfolio of selected investments.
A strategy without execution is a daydream, and execution without a strategy is a nightmare. From personalised tax advice through effective debt structures and individual investment selection, your decisions will be managed within an ordered and documented environment.

Order brings clarity, and structure ensures accountability.

What We Believe In

Imagine a world where you captured the returns of the capital markets.

Asset Class Investing:
We build globally diversified portfolios, allocating your assets to pursue optimal investment returns while attempting to cushion the effects of volatility. We seek to achieve consistent, long term, risk-adjusted investment returns.

Dimensions of Return:
We agree with the academic research that has been conducted to identify the source of market returns. Years of research have identified the four major dimensions that drive market returns.  These are: the market; size of the listed company; relative price, and profitability.

Avoid concentration-risk with your investments.  Diversify risk by owning a range of non-correlated assets.  That is, own assets that go up and down at different stages in the investment life-cycle.

Portfolio visibility:
Understand your investments.  Maintain clear line-of-sight and a good understanding of where you are invested, and why you are invested.

Asset Separation:
Understand the distinction between lifestyle-assets and investment-assets.  An investment-asset will generate passive income.  A diversified equities portfolio of growth assets, or an investment property, is an investment-asset.  A BMW is a lifestyle-asset!

What We Don’t Believe In

Imagine a world where the myths of investing were removed and your investments were clear and visible.

Traditional portfolio investment involves managers try to out-guess or out-perform the market. The capital markets very rarely give a return to an investor following a ‘tip’.  Markets operate with a high level of price-efficiency. You don’t get around market efficiency by listening to insights at barbecues or by watching Bloomberg!

Fast returns:
There are no returns from ‘special knowledge’.  Successful investing shouldn’t involve predictions; investors are better served by accepting that prices are fair.  Under this approach diversification is embraced as a way of reducing portfolio risk.

Academic research suggests that behaving as a true investor gives you a better chance of having a successful investing experience. With speculating you might succeed, but because of the effects of chance in speculating you might also not succeed!

Loading up:
Popular culture is full of stories of investors that bought an investment at 90 cents and watched it soar to $90 dollars.  The truth is that this happens so incredibly rarely on a single share, a single region or a single asset.

Loading up on any one asset is just one step away from gambling; it might not look like a casino but the action is full of hope and speculation.


Key Service Offerings

A leading-edge advisory service

Our advice processes have a profound and positive impact in the improvement of our clients’ financial arrangements.

That’s our mission; that’s our record.


There are 168 hours in the week. Your quality of life will be fundamentally determined by the decisions that you make regarding how you spend your time.

Our advisory process will enable you to simplify your financial affairs; consolidate your financial information; coordinate your financial world; and keep you accountable for the commitments that you make.

A detailed summary of your income and expenditure

All Locumsgroup clients commence the process of taking control of their financial arrangements by completing a personal budget. From that point, you will have a clear picture of your cash-flow profile.

This will enable you to immediately begin to take control of your financial life.

We recognise that your situation is unique

You have certain priorities that are important to you that require focus. We will work with you to identify, prioritise and evaluate your key objectives and then work with you toward the achievement of these goals.

All achieved within a framework with high visibility.

We offer an initial complimentary meeting to review your needs, identify your goals and your values, and discuss your situation.

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