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  1. Don’t invest until you understand the numbers.
  2. Make sure the holding costs (rental income less outgoings) are manageable.
  3. Invest in locations with high population, employment, and mid to long term capital growth.
  4. Diversify across lenders to increase your borrowing capacity. Your goal is to own a large asset base.
  5. Buy and hold for seven to ten years. Few people grow wealthy by buying and selling continuously.
  6. The area must be close to key amenities such as schools and public transport and a sound long term rental history.
  7. Choose new or renovated properties to maximise savings and minimise the need for maintenance.
  8. Go cross-country. Diversify your property investments to protect your portfolio against markets with prolonged flat periods. Diversification works!
  9. Ensure you have a team of property investment specialists with appropriate research to support any investment decision that you make. A team that can provide ongoing support and education.
  10. Do not invest in holiday locations! Rent those ones, it will be less expensive!