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Mortgage Advice

Your mortgage is a key part of your overall financial strategy.

We are experts at structuring and packaging your borrowing-structure to get the most efficient outcome to suit your situation.

We ensure that the progress from loan submission to loan settlement is efficient and seamless.  We have specialist knowledge in residential home loans and the multitude of lender offerings; not only do we find the most suitable loan for you, we ensure that approval and settlement happen quickly.

Borrowings are a vital aspect of your financial arrangements.  Correctly structured borrowings can accelerate the wealth creation process. Inappropriately structured, borrowings can be a prohibitive drain on cash-flow and an expensive waste of opportunity.

Whatever the circumstances, we are there to service our clients’ changing needs in a rapidly changing world, always there to provide solutions.

Working with our accounting division and our financial advisers we can work with your loan to identify, separate and eliminate your non tax-deductible borrowings to increase your equity and reduce your tax liabilities.

Key Service Offerings

Innovative and highly competitive

Our mortgage broking service enables your mortgage application to proceed seamlessly to settlement with clear and ongoing communication from our mortgage team at each step.

We collate all of the important information and deal with the lender on your behalf.

Ability to deal with a range of lenders

We have longstanding and established arrangements with over 65 lenders including the major banks, regional banks and with non-bank lenders. This enables us to identify the lender that is most suitable for you and not the other way around!

At times we will obtain multiple offers from different lenders providing you with competition and choice.

Tailored lending solutions

Your borrowing structure is tailored for your specific needs and is not established using a one-size-fits-all solution. Your situation is unique and therefore the loan structure should be presented in a manner that meets your requirements.

We will work with you to identify the best lenders from our extended panel for your situation.

Separate non tax deductible loans from loans eligible for tax deductions

The ability to identify and separate the different types of debt will enable you to prioritise your repayment schedule to eliminate debt which costs you the most first.

Locumsgroup can provide advice on this key aspect of your finances.

Calculators & Tools

Use our wide range of calculators to run different financial modeling scenarios with your home loan payments. You can work out your income tax or calculate what the stamp duty costs will be for your next property purchase.

While the figures in our calculators are as accurate as we can get them, these calculators provide indicative figures only. For precise figures please contact us directly.